Our Covid-19 Response

Updated Care for Uncertain Times

COVID-19 poses a unique risk for the vulnerable, aging population in Assisted Living Communities. At Wellbound, we’ve developed a specialty response protocol to keep your community as safe as possible. Formulated together with our consulting doctors, our Wellbound COVID-19 protocols and parameters help track, treat, and manage residents that have been exposed or tested positive for COVID-19.

Wellbound’s COVID-19 Response Program offers both preventative and active care—preempting the spread of infection with regular assessment and testing. Our on-site nurses monitor residents constantly, leading to faster intervention, rapid quarantine, and better outcomes for the whole Community.

Testing & Treatment Protocols:

• Increased access to testing for residents: tests administered by on-site nurse.

• Assess residents daily or more frequently if tested positive.

• Assess residents daily or more frequently if symptomatic, but test results are pending.

 • Assess and treat COVID-positive and symptomatic residents to reduce hospitalization.

• Monitor vital signs, lung sounds, oxygen levels via pulse oximeter and share info via clinical flowsheet.

• Oxygen monitored, when available and in use.

• Ongoing communication with community and doctor.

Treatment from Anywhere: Telemedicine & Teletherapy

Now, more than ever, access to remote medical attention and therapies is key to healthy living.

When needed, our on-site nurses can virtually communicate with off-site doctors to focus on needed treatment for covid positive residents, and help prevent decline or regression in quarantined residents.

Together, Wellbound and your community can keep COVID-19 at bay, and protect the residents that rely on us.

Find out more about implementing Wellbound’s COVID-19 Response in your community today.

Bring Better Care to Your Community.

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